What readers (runners) have said:

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Ernesto: "Your races - so vividly described in the book - made me join you and imagine running alongside you all the way, so that when a race ended, ... I ended up with swollen feet."

P said: "Has even spurred my lazy bones to get back out on the trail."

M. wrote: "I got up and went for a run immediately."

J. wrote: "I wanted to read more and I wanted to run. I finally put down the book and went running. I ran faster than normal because I wanted to hurry back home and read some more."

S. said: "Finally a runner that has interesting stories and training tips for normal runners."

Oh and a couple of people have said some things that I am not going to repeat here. But hey, ....

And then the really negative one that I am not putting here (you can see it on Amazon) which among other things voiced frustration at not knowing who the characters are. That was a conscious decision that I made and here is the response I placed on Amazon:   The book is called "Ravings" and attempts to offer a collection of running stories that accomplish 3 specific objectives: (1) hopefully to help motivate you to run and discover/create your own stories, (2) offer some training advice in the context of a specific story and (3) stay positive - no runners are put down regardless of their abilities.
The collection is intentionally not chronological. Characters are not identified so that you can substitute your own running buddies and partners and so that the stories can be age-agnostic (hopefully interesting regardless of the storyteller's age). The stories switch constantly between present and past tense - almost stream of consciousness - just as I would tell it to a running partner.
The stories are best for beginner to midlevel runners that hang with the middle of the pack and view running as fun - just because.
Scrambled? Perhaps. But so are my runs and triathlons, and my friends and family and my training. That is why I run. It fits right into life. Read one story at a time and then tell me one of yours.
Thanks again. And for those that need to know: Scott = running buddy, Eva = significant other, Maria = daughter & running buddy & Travis = son & running buddy.
Run long and prosper.