Always wear a helmet

Excerpt from Chapter 12: Always wear a helmet

I never look straight down when I am running unless I am really tired or the terrain is very uneven. My gaze is generally about 10 feet ahead, and I often don’t see things unless they are out of place.  More than once I have seen something that I didn’t want to step in or on only after my forward foot was headed towards a landing. Examples include a variety of snakes on trails, a tarantula in California, a cactus in Mexico, dog poo all around the world, mud puddles, holes in sidewalks, etc. My reaction is always instantaneous and generally correct, but it can cause laughter later. Usually a snake will not move or move only at the last minute. That means a stretch of the stride, an awkward skip and a bit of luck. The poor snake is freaked out and has nothing else it can do except prey (humor). This is best appreciated alone or when a running buddy makes a sudden weird escape movement.

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