I am so vain

Excerpt from Chapter 5: I am so vain

Mile 2 took us from a small road to residential neighborhood streets and rolling hills. It is a nonscientific fact that it takes more energy to run up a hill than you gain on the downhill. Furthermore, at mile 2, it is illogically imperative to maintain your pace on the uphills while trying to take advantage of the gravitational pull when heading down. As a summary for those not gifted in Physics, this means that they really tire you out. And so it was that we kept the faith and the pace on Mile 2.

8K is almost exactly 5 miles and so mentally we are running 5 miles and our course markings are all at the mile markers. Mile 3 continued to roll past houses where families had begun to wake up and cousins play together for the first time in a year. The course was not technically an out and back, but it was pretty close and so we looped around a small orange cone indicating the approximate half-way mark and ran back up and down those same rolling hills. It is discouraging to struggle on part of the course and then have to run it again. This simple truth was evidenced in the grimaces on the faces of those we saw both before and after the turnaround. Maria seemed okay and even more than held up her side of the conversation. I was in shape and cocky. This was just an easy run for me.

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